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Online edit does not work - still never answer

Question asked by achechet on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by achechet
I still never find the answer, what is wrong in my configuration.
I have done again and again fresh installation Alfresco Community 4.2.f (b OR c) on Ubuntu Linux 13.10.
Have tryed different configs, but without success.
My trouble is:

I do open page with document through share (Google Chrome).
The button Edit in an interactive mode is there by default, but when pressing it reports: It wasn't succeeded to start Microsoft Office.
I have tried to add addon-online-edit, but in general it is without results, too.
The entrance through Internet Explorer is more informative, - the file can't be open for editing in an interactive mode. You need to establish one of the following connected modules to the browser. For Windows: Microsoft Office 2010.
There is one more curious effect - if in an Internet Explorer on the document page press the button See in the browser, opens the Word, but only in the read only mode. In Chrome only offers to save the local copy.
If I open file from the MSWord - Open the file - \\server:7070\alfresco - normally browses a repository and opens files.
It means link webdav that work!

What is wrong in my configuration?