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Encoding problem in FTL template

Question asked by itzamna on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by romschn
Hi folks,

I'm struggling with an encoding issue in my FTL template. The letters are not encoded with UTF-8 but they should. Maybe someone can help me with this?

Via webscript I fetch some data from the database and return a JSON. The JSON already contains the data with the different encoding (for example: windows-1252). Now I want to display the values from the JSON in my FTL template in a table. The result is shown in "image_1.jpg". But if I open the affected document with the Alfresco standard Web-GUI the name will be displayed as expected (see attached "image_2.jpg").
I don't know how I can prepare my FTL template that the data will be displayed correctly as in the Web-GUI too. This proves me that there is a chance to get it displayed with the correct encoding. So, what is still missing?

I've tried already to specify the following statements on the beginning of my template:

<#ftl encoding='UTF-8'>
    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>

But it seems that it has no effect. To display the value, there is nothing special implemented. I only read the parameter from the JSON map and put it in a usual HTML table tag. Nothing fancy:


Does anyone still has an idea? Do I miss somehting that should be imported in my FTL? The only imports I have in my ".get.head.ftl" are:

<#include "/org/alfresco/components/">
<@script type="text/javascript" src="${page.url.context}/res/components/console/consoletool.js"></@script>