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Email config with exchange using postfix

Question asked by dlaxtn22 on Jun 25, 2014
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Good morning all,

I am new to the forums here I did browse around quite a bit before I decided to post this.  I have looked around on google as well and I can't find a configuration that works for my outbound email.  I want to use our exchange as the relay by using something like postfix or I heard there was a built in mail sending component in alfresco, but couldn't find anything other than mention of it.  Either way I am looking for a way to get notification emails to work with our exchange or just work period I have tried several configs.  Anyway here is the info about my install.  I am running the community edition for linux 64-bit on a 14.04 ubuntu server I have installed a lightweight desktop on the server called lubuntu wanted to keep it minimal but still wanted a GUI when I needed it.

current setup of my email config

### Email site invitation setting ###

as far as I know this is right and when I send the invite from alfresco it says successgul but never shows up in the inbox.