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send document with email client

Question asked by michaelp on Jun 26, 2014
Hi Community,

I have some questions about sending documents from Alfresco. Some days ago I worked on the share doclib action to send a document as attachement with an email with a configured smtp server. The problem is that the email will not be stored in the "email outbox"  folder (for example of Outlook) of the user's email account.

So the first question is if it is possible to write a webscript to open the email client software and attach the document? I tried this with Lotus Notes and the simple[…] command (with different urls of the same document, also note that attachements can be assigned to Lotus Notes with attache= and NOT attachement= like other clients). This is not working because Lotus Notes does not support repositories like Alfresco (cmis/ftp).

The second thing is that browsers do not support the mailto: function with an attachement, can someone agree with this assumption?

Is there ANY way to write an doclib action which opens the usual choosing dialog to choose the desired email client like Lotus Notes, Outlook, …? I can write this in java but then the java code only would run on server side. Or not?

As plan B I have to extend an open source plugin for Lotus Notes with cmis to browse through the repository and select the document in Lotus Notes. This is the undesired way!

Please someone can help me, or answer my question If this is possible?

Thank you all in advance,

[Alfresco 4.2.2]