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Very simple Case Management add-on?

Question asked by nickburch on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by romschn
I've got a requirement for what is in effect a very simple Case Management system, to handle our internal suggestions/ideas process. I know it can be done with Alfresco, and we could probably write it from scratch pretty quickly, but I'm wondering if I can speed things up with an existing add-on. Something much simpler (and cheaper!) then Alfresco Workdesk or similar.

Currently, we run a "Suggestions and Improvements" system through email, bits of paper and spreadsheets. This worked surprisingly well while we iterated through a few different ways of handling it, but now we've honed-in on a more stable set of requirements, and now we've got some more data, we want to make it be largely all on-line. (Never underestimate the agility of a piece of paper where you can just put a line through some text and write a new question title in! Never underestimate how much faff it is to deal with a hundred of such pieces of paper when everyone gets into the suggestions mood…) Now we have thing settled, it's time to put it online. Since I quite like Alfresco as a platform, and given that everyone who needs to interact with the system already uses Alfresco, it seemed a good choice.

Basic requirement is:
* Anyone with an account in our Alfresco system (employees, select customers) can raise one of these
* User enters just a handful of fields (some text, some dropdown)
* Select group of people notified
* Only submitting user and select group can see it
* The select group can tweak the metadata, some of which is shown, some of which is private
* The group can add comments which are private
* The group can close it with a comment, which can be shown to everyone (along with the initial user's entry), or just to the user

Anyone know of any add-on modules for very simple case management (which is largely what the suggestions process is), where it'd be quicker to test+integrate than just write our own custom module from scratch?