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Desktop Sync connect Private

Question asked by on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by nicolasraoul
Hello Alfresco World,

This query related to Desktop Sync not connecting to our instance.

Alfresco Community v4.2.0
(r56674-b4848) schema 6033
Ubuntu 12

Windows Client Operating System: 7
java version "1.7.0_60" (32-bit)
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_60-b19)

We maintain a Private instance that is located at https://[]/alfresco

I have a valid account in our Private instance.

Within the AlfrescoSync preferences, one can choose Account Type: Cloud or Private.
I choose Private, and enter the Server: https://[]/alfresco, username and password and click Login.

When I attempt to connect, connection fails.

(also attempted url strings with https://[]/share, and https://[]/ as the base url leads into share site), none of these strings are able connect.

The Error Message: There was an error connecting to Alfresco. Please check your login settings and try again.

Log Snippet
16:47:38.142 INFO  AlfrescoSyncClient - ———-Alfresco Sync Started———-
16:47:38.189 DEBUG SyncManager - exceptions loaded: {^~.*=IGNORE, ^\..*=IGNORE, Microsoft User Data=IGNORE, ^.*\.(iso|exe|app|tmp|TMP)$=IGNORE, Thumbs.db=IGNORE, About Stacks.lpdf=IGNORE}
16:47:38.190 DEBUG AccountManager - Creating AccountManager Instance
16:47:38.226 DEBUG AccountManager - Loading accounts from preferences…
16:47:50.326 DEBUG SystemTrayIcon - Preferences Dialog Opened
16:48:20.829 DEBUG RemoteFileStore - Cloud: Test Connection
16:48:21.269 ERROR RemoteFileStore - Cannot connect to webdav [https://alfresco.[OURHOST].com/alfresco/]
16:48:21.269 ERROR RemoteFileStore - Permission denied: connect
16:48:21.269 ERROR RemoteFileStore - Cloud: Invalid credentials
16:49:17.018 DEBUG RemoteFileStore - Cloud: Test Connection

ALSO, I NOTICED that the AlfrescoSync log appears to use 'Cloud:' in the log, though I am attempting to use a Private instance, and have selected as much in the AlfrescoSync preferences. (This may be of no consequence, while an item to bring up. I wonder/would like to ask, if the AlfrescoSync client log uses 'Private:' in the log string at any point, or even when choosing Private in the Preferences interface, the reference to 'Cloud:' in the log is to be expected?)

Also, hopeful to ask/inquire of the forum, if there are any server side setup requirements necessary to use the client side AlfrescoSync?

Thank you in advance, I appreciate any information or guidance. Again, thanks from Maine.