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Way to Install - How to reach basic functionality

Question asked by achechet on Jun 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by deko
Do not send me to documentation site. I was there.
I am nub, I am stupid.
Tell me please in simple words steps of installation - to reach basic futures.
I woul like to see working button "Edit in intaractive mode"

Now I have virtual server in inet: 2Xeon, 2Gig of memory, 40Gb of SSD disk.
I have done installation of Ubuntu 13.10 there.
I can access there only by CLI.
So I download alfresco-community-***-64bit-bin and run it in '–mode text'
English-Easy-as a service and so on.
My Share interface does open at http://ip:8080/share

What's else? What's the next step? I would like to edit online from windows XP(7) client