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Installation of Record Management on 5.0.a

Question asked by racingyacht on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by rajeevsoni
I am not sure if this is the right forum to raise this query

In the installation guide to install 'Record Management' on Alfresco 5.0.a I am required to download file '' and install the contents accordingly in folders ../amps and ../amps-share. The zip file should contain files:

alfresco-rm-2.1.a-621.amp and alfresco-rm-share-2.1.a-621.amp

However, instead the two files are alfresco-rm-2.1.0-621.amp and alfresco-rm-share-2.1.0-621.amp, which I assume are for release 5.0. Are the files contained in the wrong files, or is there an error in the installation documentation?

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