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Launch Document Searchs from Joomla

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jul 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by jlabuelo
Hello all

We have website created in Joomla and we use Alfresco 3.0 as Document Repository. We would like to be able to launch a form in Joomla where the user can specify the type of document (Alfresco Type) and the "range of dates" this document has been created. The idea is that with these parameters, be able to run this search in Alfresco and return a link per documment matched to Joomla so the user can download the document directly from Joomla.

I know that we need to create this component in Joomla, but how can we create this "search integration" between Joomla and Alfresco?

Any ideas or suggestions to start with will be really appreciated!!.

Thanks a lot in advance!