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Some missing features in Android App

Question asked by epm157 on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by mprados
Hi everyone!
We are developing an Android application based on official Alfreaco application for Android

and I was wondering if following functions are already existing in current version of

android application or are going to be added in future:

1. In current version I could not find streaming function for video and audio files.
2. No preview is existing for images and PDF files and as soon as you click on file it just

shows you an icon of file type.
3. Synchronization mechanism which keeps files updated to the last version in mobile side

(Maybe using MD5 hash check-sum).
4. Camera upload feature which automatically uploads taken photos and videos to the server.
5. It is impossible to add two files with same name and update existing file to a newer

version. The application will add an auto incremented number to the end of the file and

uploads it as a new version.

I will be glad if anyone have any information about these features.