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Launch url with parameters to display a document with metadata and execute actions

Question asked by cperez on Jul 9, 2014

I'm doing a webscript to add in "Web Scripts Extensions" to "Data Dictionary", with which through a url passing the id of noderef document, user and password can be displayed in a ftl page document (pdf) question and its metadata. (Of which I have already done part for other purposes, as the url with parameters and a template with metadata).

In addition to the above, on the same page I show the document (pdf) wanted to add a button to execute a few actions that would:
   1) Change the value of some properties assigned to document aspects.
   2) Update the metadata shown because they will be modified.
   3) Move the file to a different space.

I would like to know how I can do these things without having to define and create an amp for setting it up for Alfresco.

How long it may take to do this? because I have not much experience in Alfresco.

Thank you very much.