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Unable to logon in Alfresco Community Server after upgrading iOS Alfresco App to version 2.0

Question asked by jeesee on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by gavinc
I'm having a problem after (automatic) upgrading the Alfresco App today.

Yesterday with the "old" Alfresco App (black icon) on my iPhone and iPad it all works fine.
Today I started the iPad app (it was automatically upgraded on both my iPhone and iPad to the 'white' icon) I receive a Session Error.

I tried to reconfigure the connection on the iPhone, but after delete de connection to my Alfresco server I can't configure a new one:

Save Account
Failure to authenticae. Check your
account settings with your system

Is something changed in the new iOS app?

How can I configure it to connect with my Alfresco server?

Server settings:
Username: jeesee
Password: xxxxx  <- I'm sure it's right!
Hostname: My Alfresco Server .nl

Sync files: Off
Port: 8443
Service Document: /alfresco/service/cmis
Client Certificate:

Please Help!