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Run role in space with new documents

Question asked by cperez on Jul 11, 2014

I have a role on a space when a new document appears, performs a series of actions defined in the role to run in the background.

Everything works perfectly, but since a few days ago when the amount of new records is very high in a short period of time (more than 10 in less than a minute) and the actions of the role of each file last much longer, sometimes documents are not running this role.

I tried to change run in the background to the foreground but the waiting time is too much for my needs and I have to discard because it is not acceptable.

Does anyone know how I can do not to have documents without running the role?
Is it possible to create a script to execute the actions defined in the role at certain hours from the scheduled-action? (I have a script that runs the scheduled-action at certain times).
If so, could someone tell me how to begin to create the script?

Thank you very much in advance.