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Question asked by propertyadmin on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by s.palyukh

We are wanting to implement a fairly simple document imaging system where we scan in documents, OCR them and attach metadata to each documents.  We then want to have a front-end where the users can browse the documents in a hierarchical fashion based on the associated metadata and also search on the OCR and metadata.

If I use the example of browsing for houses, I would first select the 'city' then drill down to 'suburb' and then 'street' and then I would be presented with a table list of all the houses on a street with columns for say, 'age of house', 'estimated value' etc.  It would be great to be able sort those columns as well.

What we are after is very basic and we can attach metadata to the scanned in documents in Alfresco no problem but we don't know how to proceed with the other part with generating a clean sortable table list.

I know that Alfresco is a platform that is built to be extended but we don't have any development skills, however I can probably source those skills from another company.

My question is this - based on what I want to do, how difficult would it be for a competent developer who hasn't used Alfresco before to be to help develop what I want.