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Text search in Alfresco Solr

Question asked by ravichandanani on Jul 14, 2014
Hello Everyone,

We are using alfresco-EE-4.1.4, alfresco-enterprise-solr-4.1.4 in our application.
Alfresco & Solr are running in seperate tomcat.

Following is the cases described to understand the TEXT search issue with solr.

1. If we upload a text file with content having "mytext" word inside the text document.
   And make a lucene query in node browser(TEXT:"mytext") it returns the text document.
   This is case with almost all the document except office documents.
2. If we create a document named Mydocument.docm which has mimetype(application/ and lets say the document contains word "uniquetext".
   now if we make a lucene query in node browser(TEXT:"uniquetext"), It does not returns the document.
In above scenario if we change the mimetype of the document to (application/, then the document is searchable, but some portion of document is not getting indexed.

Earlier we were using alfresco-4.1.4 with lucene, However at that time these document was getting indexed & searchable.
This issue is only coming after we configured the alfresco with solr running in different tomcat.

Is there any way through which we can enable these types of documents for indexing (mimetype:application/


Warm Regards,
Ravi Chandanani
Cignex Datamatics Pvt. Ltd.