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createSite tutorial build issues

Question asked by jocylincouch on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by jocylincouch
I have posted on the site, but the tutorial is

It contains source code to programmaticaly create a working site. Now, having identified the key steps in creating a usable site programmatically I would like to use the code. However, I have no idea how to build it and then install it.

I would like to just write the post javascript webscript; however writing a post powered webscript keeps yielding the page where I'm told that I either don't have permission, or the page does not exist etc.

I would love to know the following:

How do I build the script?
What authentication should I be using for the posts?
How can I find up-to-date docs on the REST api for the services to add people and their roles to sites?