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Alfresco 4.2.X CE with Load Balancing

Question asked by alfresconewbie on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by alfresconewbie

Hoping someone could clear something up for me;

We're looking at the Aflresco 4.2.X Community Edition, I understand the Hazelcast clustering code has been removed, however, what has been mentioned as an option is to run multiple application servers as standalone servers sharing a repository and db, fronting them with a load balancer which can handle sticky sessions.

Can anyone tell me what functionality we are losing by doing this? will this even work or will we end up with sharing issues at a process or document level?

Our architecture is based on:
- Alfresco CE running on two Ubuntu servers fronted with a Kemp Load balancer configured with stick sessions and affinity
-The repositiry is a Gluster FS share presented to both servers
-The DB is Postgres 9.2 fronted with PGPOOLII