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Restricting what sites a kind of datalist can be used in?

Question asked by nickburch on Jul 16, 2014
We've been slowly adding custom datalist definitions to our content model over time, and now have quite a few, with a growing list.

Currently, all the defined datalist types show up "Create a new Data List" prompt in Share. As we add more, we get increasing amounts of user confusion about what they should be using where. Several of the data lists only apply to certain kinds of sites.

One solution could be to mark certain data lists as only being applicable to certain kinds of site, by something like site name or site type. However, I can't seem to find where in the share config to define an evaluator to process that

Is it fairly easy to add in an evaluator or similar to filter the list of available datalists when adding a new one for a site? And if so, is that possible with config, or is it something only available by overriding some JS or Java?