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Notifications after upgrade

Question asked by mhooper on Jul 16, 2014
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I recently upgraded to Alfresco 5 (community edition) from 4.2e (I think).  I really did not have fun upgrading and the documentation provided really doesn't helped.  I managed upgrading by installing a new instance of Alfresco on my machine, copied over alf_data and downgraded postgres (it was late last night and I really wasn't in the mood for upgrading the database too!) and making a few tweaks here and there and it worked.  One of the crucial aspects of Alfresco was the notifications that were automatically delivered once changes had been made to the site but the emails appeared to have stopped.  Has this feature been removed from the latest version of Alfresco?

I have added the mail settings into

I have also allowed anonymous relaying to happen from this machines IP address and tested, through telnet, that I can send an email.

It used to send an email notification a few hours after the changes had been made to the site.

Thanks for any help given.