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DotCMIS API to associate a custom type to a document

Question asked by rita_aiyar on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by rita_aiyar

We are using the DotCMIS APIs to upload documents to a repository in alfresco. We are able to upload and add the default propertes to the document. We also have some custom types that have already been added into the alfresco environment. When we use the share url and then upload a document manually we can associate the custom type to the document and thereby add the values to the newly added properties that come with the type. We would like to do the same using dotCMIS APIs.

Could you help us to understand alongwith a sample code to associate a document with a custom type, preferably when we upload the document, else after we upload it. So that we can then populate the values of the properties associated with that type using DotCMIS APIs. Incase DotCMIS APIs do not support it then can you please suggest an alternative way to do it. We would need to do it programmatically.

I would appreciate if you could send a sample code that does it.

Rita Aiyar