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CMIS:  populating properties (type and aspect)

Question asked by srowsell on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by srowsell
I was helped out a while back in this community in this thread, and I was able to get things working well enough in my local test environment ( Enterprise).  Now it's time to get it to work on what will become the production environment (4.2.f for now) and it's failing to populate a property.  Here's the code I'm using, with the following provisos:

- the session is established and is working
- the document specified by "id" is there, and is being accessed
- the propertyName parameter is valid
- the propertyValue parameter is valid

All that it's not doing is setting a property, and if I set a property manually the log.debug instruction at the bottom returns null (even in the working environment).

Any thoughts?

private static void changeProperties(String id, String propertyName, String propertyValue)
      AlfrescoDocument alfDoc = (AlfrescoDocument) session.getObject(id);
      PropertiesImpl properties = new PropertiesImpl();
      List<CmisExtensionElement> extensions = new ArrayList<CmisExtensionElement>();
      CmisExtensionElement valueElem = new CmisExtensionElementImpl(
            ALFRESCO_EXTENSION_NAMESPACE, VALUE, null, propertyValue);
      List<CmisExtensionElement> valueElems = new ArrayList<CmisExtensionElement>();
      List<CmisExtensionElement> children = new ArrayList<CmisExtensionElement>();
      Map<String, String> attributes = new HashMap<String, String>();
      attributes.put(PROPERTY_DEFINITION_ID, propertyName);
      children.add(new CmisExtensionElementImpl(ALFRESCO_EXTENSION_NAMESPACE,
            PROPERTY_STRING, attributes, valueElems));
      List<CmisExtensionElement> propertyValuesExtension = new ArrayList<CmisExtensionElement>();
      propertyValuesExtension.add(new CmisExtensionElementImpl(
      CmisExtensionElement setAspectsExtension = new CmisExtensionElementImpl(
      String repId = session.getRepositoryInfo().getId();
      Holder<String> objectIdHolder = new Holder<String>(alfDoc.getId());
      session.getBinding().getObjectService().updateProperties(repId, objectIdHolder, null, properties, null);