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New page on a document action

Question asked by jamilnour on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by s.palyukh

In my application I have this working scenario:
- document details
- action to open a dialog
- before open the dialog a Get request call to the server is done to get some needed values
- An instance of SimpleDialog is created and show the corresponding FTL control
- on save a post call to server is doing the job using a java backbend web script

As I said everything is working fine with this scenario

Now what I have to do is for some actions I have to open a new page and not a dialog. How to achieve this?

I know how to create a new page and I did but where and how to call the Get request to the server to get the values before showing the page?

And how to call the Post request on the save button of the page form?

Any help is appreciated

Best regards