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Question about Openam

Question asked by rubendob on Jul 21, 2014
Hello everybody

I want to automate my openam setup. I have a weird problem when I try to backup the policies with ssoadm

    ./ssoadm list-policies -u amAdmin -f /tmp/pwd.txt -e / -o /tmp/policies.txt

this is the only error that ssoadm gives to me, then If I check the error log of ssoadm I see:

    ""2014-07-21 09:10:22"   /|com.miimetiq.identity.policy.RoleCondition    id=amAdmin,ou=user,dc=openam    5753f489d4161201     "Not Available" INFO    dc=openam       "cn=dsameuser,ou=DSAME Users,dc=openam" AMCLI-2442      ssoadm.error"Not Available""

Do you have any idea what is this error? anything related with dns settings of the domain maybe?

output of /etc/hosts       localhost
    # test test

Domain of openam is in my scenario:

Any help will be appreciated.