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Rename imported file using Type properties

Question asked by entropicsinkhole on Jul 21, 2014
I'd like set a Rule on my "imported files" folder to automatically rename the file (cmis:name or cm:name?) to a name based on multiple property fields (custom Types).   For example, I have the following Types as property fields for the documents I'm importing:  mystuff:ClientID, mystuff:FormType.  I'd like to name the form:  "[FormType] -[ClientID].pdf" –> ie. "Admission - 11111.pdf"

Is it possible to do this without a script?  Under Perform Action in the New Rules box, I set "Type property cmis:name to cmis:ClientID, hoping cmis:ClientID would act like variable and automatically populate the name property with the client id, but that didn't work.  I was hoping there was a syntax available to make this happen in the rules.  If not, I will look into scripts.