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Alfresco Notification Architecture Options

Question asked by patquinn on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by patquinn
Hi All,

We are building a custom application which needs to be notified when a user saves a document using MS Word.

User Steps:
1. User enters custom application
2. User navigates to a document
3. User opens document in MS Word (using Sharepoint Protocol Integration with Alfresco)
4. User makes edit and saves document (or MS Word auto saves)
5. The custom application back-end is notified of the update event and performs some business logic based on that event

The approach I'm thinking of using is to leverage the rules engine: When "Items are Updated" perform a custom action, which publishes the event onto a JMS queue using something like ActiveMQ.

Is there any experience out there with any other approaches to an Alfresco Notification architecture? Perhaps I'm missing something within Alfresco that can achieve this with configuration and without customisation?