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How to get a list of registered MimeTypes using cmis query language

Question asked by jeevitha_balu on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by nickburch

I wanted to get a list of all registered  Mimetypes provided by Alfresco. I'm aware that there exists a ReST way of doing it using the following call:


But this returns a html response containing the list of registered mime types.

The below string displays mimetype for all the documents that are present currently in the repository.

String queryString = "select cmis:contentStreamMimeType from cmis:document";

Assuming that there are no documents currently in the repo, now how do I get list of mimetypes supported by Alfresco using dotcmis dll? or Is there any object type (say cmis:{something}) that can be queried to get list of mimetypes?

Can someone help me with your inputs

Thank in advance.