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decision making and starting points

Question asked by jogla on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by jogla
Hi all,
I'm new to alfresco - and tryin' to get the following goals accomplished and to make the decision, if it's the right tool for me as an intranet-webmaster and our organisation. ('hope that's the right forum.)
Could you please provide me the starting points and/or some small answers, respectively.

Our setting:
The main goal is to show direct supervisor and people from management, that there are better tools out there than our current document management system and our additional intranet system. For this demonstration purpose I decided to use 5.0.a community edition and Alfresco Workdesk. Because the IT-administration staff consists only of 1-2 persons (with almost no Java knowledge) there will be the need for support and therefore we will get enterprise edition for sure.
So I need a demo- or pilot-deployment of an alfresco based intranet with the following key features running:

1) Intranet-Starting page(s) / Homepages:
There's the need for a usergroup-dependend portal-page which shows content in dependence of the users group membership.
I can see two ways:
   1a) A single predefined starting page/homepage with target-based search results for i.e. the newslist. Dynamic selected content needs to be in a news list, in an event calender or in a textbox with links.
   1b) Separate homepages for each target group - but then there has to be an automated redirecting process before, which leads the user to the correct homepage.
=> Are both implementations possible?
=> Is it possible to define searches based on parameters, so to make them more dynamically?
Suggestion: It would be cool to define several saved searches, so make a repository for the site admin, and then reuse them on several sites.

2) Page/Site-Layout with the following components:
.) Mega menu (only static) on the top: ie. right beneath the Alfresco menu-bar. A tradeoff will be the integration of this site-navigation into the already existing "Sites"-Menu. .) Use of a news slider .) A menu on the left side (accordion with hierarchically menuitems) .) A news-list
=> How can I change the default layout? Will there be the need for programming in Java?
=> If page layout is changed - what will be the consequences and can I still show some of the standard menu items like "My documents", "Tasks", …?

3) Site templates:
In our scenario we have 1 to 6 starting- / home-pages (depending on the solution in point 1).
And additionally about 200+ additional pages of about 3 to 5 different types will be deployed.
For example: site for service/administrational departments + sites for production departments + sites for project teams + sites for special issues like a learning-plattform.
=> I found out that it is possible to define so called presets - is this the right way?
=> How can the process of deployment of a news site be automated, semi-automated or scripted?
=> Which are the main steps and tools to create several presets? To deploy the presets? And to adjust them (is it possible to adjust them separately)?

4) Document management / records management:
Today we have a web based DMS and I can see the pain in the eyes of our enduser, when they are forced to work 2 hours a day with that plattform.
Alfresco Workdesk seems a really good alternative - because of a specialized UI for a document-information-worker.
I know that there a some prebuild applications like "contract mgt." or "hr".
=> Is there a tutorial / "getting started documentation for admins" or using AND customizing the out of the box workdesk configuration?
=> Can records management functionality also be used in Workdesk?

5) Faceted Search:
Very, very, very important!
=> What are/will be the main differences in version 4.x compared to 5.x?
=> To me the management of metadata (tags, attributes) is also critical - are there any tools to maintain the metadata-values in or outside of alfresco?

6) Editions and Versions:
=> If there is time for serveral months: Which version would you recommend to start? When will there be a 5.x.y enterprise version available?

Thank you very much in advance and
best regards!
Joerg Glasauer