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Include session information in CMIS paginated queries

Question asked by jspuchau on Jul 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by jpotts

We have an Alfresco 4.1 using a SolR cluster as search subsystem, with an Apache Load Balancer, with sticky session.

We had a CMIS client that performs paginated queries that Alfresco server redirects to the SolR LB. But LB is sending each CMIS page request to a different SolR node. If nodes have inconsistencies results could return repeated results or hyde another one.

Imagine node 1 returns A in page 1 and B in page 2. Node 2 returns B in page 1 and A in page 2.

If page 1 request goes to node 1 and page 2 request goes to node 2, we'll receive A-A as result.

We tried to keep session information between page queries, but Alfresco i t returning session cookie on CMIS requests.

Any idea or advice?

I already have set the cookies management into Opencmis configuration and set to true the property to create session in opencmis queries in the repository.

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