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Drop down list for advanced search in alfresco share

Question asked by juilee on Jul 29, 2014
Hi all,

While searching for documents in Alfresco I would like to have a drop-down list of document names to select from. This drop-down would be populated dynamically from the database (which represents all the document names of specific criteria). These document names would have several other associated documents.
To give an example: if my drop down gives names like doc1, doc2, doc3, etc. The user can select doc1 and it fetches the relevant documents to doc1 - doc1, doc1_a, doc1_b, doc1_c and so on.

I understand that I could use Java or JavaScript to fetch the document names from database, but the question is how to integrate it with the search option and display it to the user to select from.
Can anyone refer me to any similar example or tutorial or a general overview of the steps required.

Thanks in advance!