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Hide working copies in windows explorer

Question asked by jservajean on Jul 31, 2014
When someone uses the checkout action on a document, you end up in the explorer window with a working copy along with the orgininal document.
The original document is marked as locked in windows and the working copy is visible and editable.
This is not consistent with the Share behaviour, which hides the working copy.
I tried to remove the working copy manually from the CIFS folder, but it results in an unlock of the original document…

So my questions are :
- is there a way to change that behaviour (hide working copies in the explorer folder), and if yes what is the corresponding alfresco property to the windows "hidden" metadata ?
- is there a way to change the whole Checkout function, so it only locks the original resource and doesn't keep the working copy in place after streaming it to the checkouter ?