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Alfresco Share and Activiti

Question asked by jalu on Aug 1, 2014
I am new to Alfresco and took over from our Alfresco developer a little while back.

We have an existing alfresco project, in which person a starts of a workflow (filling in some fields for creating a new client), that workflow is then assigned to person b by person a and person b is responsible for filling in other client information fields (in the same workflow), and after completing his / her steps assigning it to person c which approves everything that person a and b filled in and set the workflows status to complete.

This is done within a Alfresco Share site. I've been playing around with formtek site task manager and all I've been able to do is break the my tasks dashlet: and I also tried deleting ALL my workflows using the Workflow Console ( but still not working. The formtek project worked very well if you used it in a specific site, but one level back in share it broke "My Tasks" dashlet.

Creating a workflow like explained above - users a and b needs to fill in about 70 text fields (which makes the page VERY long). As I understood from the developer I took over from Alfresco is a very handy back end tool but not really good for the front-end as it takes VERY long to develop (He took almost 2 years to develop this workflow of creating new clients). Activiti might be the way to go for the front end and then using Alfresco as the back end by passing xml string etc to the service.

We use the free version on Alfresco just for interest sake.

Any comments or suggestions.

Any information will be much appreciated. I'm from a C# and Delphi development environment, Eclipse and all these things are Greek to me.

Thanks in advance,