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Run js script with cron from scheduled-jobs-context.xml

Question asked by svetlingulev on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2014 by svetlingulev

i have a .js script that a want to run every 1 hour.
I am following this tutorial
I've read about Scheduled Actions and i have some questions:
1. The file scheduled-jobs-context.xml must be put in tomcat/shared/alfresco/classes/extension directory right? And from there it will do its job?
2. The js script that i want the cron to run is called "hello.get.js" and it is located in Company Home > Data Dictionary > Web Scripts > org > alfresco > test
and according to the tutorial that i`m following this should be ${selectSingleNode('workspace://SpacesStore', 'lucene', 'PATH:"/app:company_home/app:dictionary/app:scripts/cm:hello.get.js"' )} , right ?

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