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Error while finding folder in repository

Question asked by knkpchari on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by knkpchari
Hi All,

When i am trying to find the folder details in repository using below code i am getting error which is a number changing every time. How to solve can any one help me in this.

public String DISCOVERY_SERVICE_WSDL_LOCATION = "/alfresco/cmisws/DiscoveryService?wsdl";
public final static QName DISCOVERY_SERVICE_NAME = new QName("", "DiscoveryService");

query.setStatement("select * from cmis:folder where cmis:name LIKE '"+reg_id+"'");
QueryResponse queryresponse=null;
    queryresponse = disvcoveryServicePort.query(query);
}catch(CmisException ex){
    System.out.println("The value of exception ::::::::::::"+ex.getMessage());

I am using Alfresco4.0. The above code is working fine in alfresco3.4.