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Problem accessing files when name contains polish diacritical characters after upgrade

Question asked by cegla on Aug 7, 2014
I've upgraded my Alfresco instance from version 3.4.d to 4.2.f . Procedure was:
- clean afresco 4.2.f install
- dump 3.4.d database (MySQL, UTF-8 encoded)
- restore database on 4.2.f (to UTF-8 encoded DB)
- attach repostory
- run alfresco 4.2.f
After startup everything seemed to be fine: DB tables were upgraded, new tables created etc.
The problem is, when one tries to access (through CIFS or WebDAV) files which names contain polish diacritical charactres (ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż) the system error 'file cannot be found' occurs (Windows 7, XP). These files are listed properly, but can't be opened.
Directories which names contain these characters are displayed, can be opened but they're empty.
Opening the same files/directories through Alfresco explorer (web interface) works with no problems.
Newly created file can be opened with no problems so I assume the problem is related to migration.
Please help! Is there any kind of configuration needed that may help resolve above problem?