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Restore Archived Node from Java Service

Question asked by pmrreddy on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by s.palyukh

Hi ,

I am Writing a Java Custom Service where i need to restore node that archived recently, i have the noderef Id and am calling the ArchiveService.restoreNode to its original node But its failing as Unable to find Archive Node : archive://SpacesStore/1591d364-96d8-4a5e-9881-a46a4f535f75,
But when i go through the node browser I am able to find the Node. can any one help me to solve the issue.

my code:
I have a Id : workspace://SpaceStore/1591d364-96d8-4a5e-9881-a46a4f535f75

NodeRef nodeRef = new NodeRef("workspace://SpaceStore/1591d364-96d8-4a5e-9881-a46a4f535f75");
RestoreNodeReport restoreNodeReport =  nodeArchiveService.restoreArchivedNode(nodeRef);

I am using Alfersco 4.0.e