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Incompatible installer of Alfresco Workdesk Community

Question asked by huggieboi on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2014 by chris45
Good morning guys!
I just installed an Alfresco Community 5.0a on Windows Server 2008R2. It workd well. But the problem is the Installation of my Alfresco Workdesk 4.2.0
When i tried intalling it… This is where i got.

install-workdesk-hr.bat  -ap d:\Alfresco -u admin -p pasword

d:\Alfresco is my folder
run as administrator when installing.

Is there any way to work on this error or i have to wait for the workdesk 4.2.0  to run on Alfresco 5.0a
Im a newbie here and i dont have so much knowledge in jave programming.  Please help me guys…

Exception in thread "main" com.wewebu.ooa.OwOAIncompatibleAfrescoException: The
Alfresco deployment at d:\Alfresco is not compatible with this version of the Wrkdesk Human
Resources Application installer!
        at com.wewebu.ooa.OwOpenAir.install(
        at com.wewebu.ooa.OwOpenAir.main(