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Document List and IE11 issues

Question asked by mhooper on Aug 11, 2014
Hi there,

I have a user who uses IE11 (*sigh*) and they are unable to access the document list.  So far I have checked the following:

<li>Cookies are enabled</li>
<li>Checked that the user is calling the service documentLibrary[sitename]/documentLibrary?perms=false&children=false&max=1000
     <li>The user reports that he doesn't receive anything</li>

Some other noteworthy things:

<li>I can see the http request in the tomcat logs</li>
<li>Confirmed they can log in to the site</li>

Is there anything I need to look out for?  I have tried it with a locally installed version of internet explorer 11 and it works fine.  Could it be a domain policy which is applying to the users computer which is causing the issue?