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Share Forms - force & Advanced Search

Question asked by mtw999 on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by afaust

I have Search form for a custom type that has aspect properties. However, until I specified force="true" for the show element for the aspect properties, terms for the aspect property were not being used in the search. By debugging advsearch jsp I did see the terms seemed to be in the query variable and I did not see anything at all as far as SOLR debug (enabled SolrQueryHTTPClient for debug)

After setting force="true" my aspect property terms are now being search.

My Question, I read forms WIKI and I see what force does (below), but what exactl does this mean? Specifically, what is correlation of force attribute and my Advanced Search term? In my case, when force was not true, were no definitions for the aspect properties to those corresponding fields? What does FormService check if force is false vs. true?

There are fields that may be optional for an item i.e. by default they may not be returned by the server. When set to "true" this attribute informs the FormService that it should do everything it can to find and return a definition for the field.