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Alfresco Community Share interface and Java Api V.S. Alfresco One Share interface and Java Api

Question asked by wish79 on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by wish79
Dear All,
I am a new user to alfresco , as i know there are Two versions Alfresco Community vs Alfresco One , i see a video about the difference.

My question if in the beginning i use the Community edition and i learn how to use the share application interface and it Java API , then after a while i have a customer that want to go to Alfresco One , should i learn the share application and Java API from the beginning i.e(i want to use the community edition till i get a customer that want to go to Alfresco one for stability issues, so what i learn on community version is the same Alfresco one version or i have to learn new Web user interface and new java API ).

Because i do not want to buy it at the beginning and it give you just 30 Days trail, so i want to work on community edition till i have a customer.