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CIFS not adding 'versionnable' aspect

Question asked by jservajean on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by jservajean
I'm facing two different behaviours whether I had offices files from the CIFS or from the Share client :
1 - If I initially create a Word document using Share, then all the consecutive updates (no matter how, from CIFS or Share) will result in the version (1.0, 1.1, etc.) beeing automatically incremented.
2 - If the Word file is initially created thought CIFS, then all the consecutive updates (CIFS and/or Share) won't update the version number.

It turns out in the first case, the "versionnable" aspect is added, whereas it's not in the second case.

Is there a way to configure CIFS so that it behaves the same way that Share ?
How come this is not already the case ?