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Please help! 'Unable to retrieve License info' when trying to log on alfresco after installation, using default admin user

Question asked by yunxing on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by yunxing
I just installed Alfresco Community 4.2.f on my server: centos5, tomcat7, jdk 1.7, postgres 9.2. Then when I launched the login page http://myhostname:8080/share/, and entered default logon authentication: username = admin & password = admin, it gives "Your authentication details have not been recognized or Alfresco may not be available at this time." error on the logon page.

Then I went to check the tomcat log (catalina.out), there is only one line of log since tomcat started up: "2014-08-14 14:45:57,924  INFO  [] [http-bio-8080-exec-8] Unable to retrieve License information from Alfresco: 404

Does this have anything to do with alfresco license files? I don't have a license file as this is community edition.
Is there a more detailed log I can refer to for debugging this issue?
What can I do to solve this? I am really stuck.

Please help!
Thank you very much!