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Workflow details 'edit task' permission problem

Question asked by sihnu on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by vincent-kali

we have been developing our custom workflow in Alfresco and so far everything is quite fine with customization and so. But we happened to stumble on a strange behavior recently. First a user with certain group starts the workflow and a task is assigned to a certain group (pooled). Now all the users in the group in which the task is assigned can see the task in my tasks dashlet and that's ok. Also the task disappears from the my tasks list of the user which started the workflow (initiator) but now if the initiator goes to view his/her completed tasks the user can click "workflow details" and choose "edit task" from current task and is able to proceed in the workflow. I think the same is possible even though the user viewing workflow details wasn't initiator (two users tasks later in the process which are both assigned to different groups). So that's a bit weird as you would think that the tasks were restricted to certain group of users. Why is it implemented that way and how could the behavior be customized so that only the users that belong to the group the task was assigned to were able to proceed in the task.

Thanks in advance