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How to create a hyperlink to an existing folder?

Question asked by itzamna on Aug 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by americanolinhares
Hi folks,

I have my own dashlet where I display some text. The text should include a link to an existing folder in the repository (the folder does exists based on a custom module). If the user click on the link, the folder should be opened and all sub-folders and documents inside has to appear.
What is best practise and how it can be done at all?

For example: The folder structure below company home is: '/myModule/myCustomization/myFolder'. If I click on my link, then "myFolder" (and its content) should be displayed.

I figured out already that that it seems to work if I create a link with the following href:


So the important part is:


But I'm not sure.
1) Is this the correct approach? Should a link to a folder be created in that way?
2) How do I create such a link? Is there any public API from Alfresco avialable? I think I will get in trouble with the encoding of the slash and also the pipe if I provide the link hardcoded…

How are you creating such links to folders? What is best practise? Is there any Alfresco documentation available about this topic (that I didn't found up to now)? If I want to open a document, then Alfresco provides the "document-details" servlet, that can be invoked with the NodeRef of the document. Is there something similar available for folders?