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Workdesk behind reverse proxy

Question asked by mmrvelj on Aug 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by deko
Hi guys

I installed Alfresco 5.0.a (custom install) and applied Workdesk to installation. I am also using nginx as reverse proxy that provides SSL. The access to /alfresco and /share and even online edit via Sharepoint integration behave as expected. However workdesk access over SSL does not work properly. Setup looks like this:

client –HTTPS–> nginx(server:443) –HTTP–> tomcat (server:8080)


Although workdesk works fine when I access it via <em>http://server:8080/workdesk</em>, when I try to access it through reverse proxy I get garbled page, since the workdesk JSP pages are generating incorrect URLs (http://server/workdesk/ instead of being https://server/workdesk/).

Most of those URLs are generated from code like this
. However this code does not detect that I am accessing via SSL protocol on the reverse proxy.

I guess that tomcat is not aware that I am accessing it through reverse proxy providing SSL. With properties <strong>alfresco.protocol</strong> and <strong>share.protocol</strong> set to <strong>https</strong>, this issue is avoided with /share and /alfresco access, however it is not the same with /workdesk.

Do you know how to change this?