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Lucene Search against a list of values

Question asked by mri on Aug 18, 2014

I have a content model where an Element (Author) has a multi valued field (Email Addresses), which we have implemented as a list of strings.

So the idea is an author may have several email addresses (each stored as separate String values):

And then I want to search a single value against all values in the list, So lookup author based on the search query:
"" = Match
"" = Match
"" = No Match

I am wondering how I can search this in Lucene, previously we have used a search term like the following when we were just matching a single value (only allowed 1 email address):

"TYPE:\"{}authors\" AND @name\\:emailAddress:\"" + emailAddressSearchValue + "\"";

But this doesnt work now that emailAddress has become a list.

I have looked through the Alfresco Search wiki, but don't seem to be able to find anything that discussed searching a single value against a content model that has a list of values.

Any help regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.