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Editing First Name and Last Name in an AD synched instance

Question asked by jjacobwip on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by jjacobwip

Our Alfresco instance is configured for AD authentication and synchronization and the first name and last name for users are pulled from the below properties. However, some users prefer to have their Common Name value displayed in the system instead of the givenName, sn combination.

I tried changing the below config to pull CN attribute but it does not look good on the system because the CN contains the full name of the user. For e.g - the name now appears as John Doe, Doe. The format is Common Name, SN. I tried removing lastName attribute from the LDAP sync properties but still it gets pulled from AD.


Whats the correct way to change user details? These fields in edit profile page is disables as they are synched up with AD.

We are on 4.0.2