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Maven Share Project Setup required for CE5.0.b-SNAPSHOT resp. Aikau framework

Question asked by peterho on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by peterho
Right now I am not able to setup a working Maven project using the alfresco-amp-archetype targeting an Alfresco Share extension. I would like to build the Share extension using the new Aikau framework described by Dave Draper in .

As far as I understood and explored the new software and concepts are not supported before CE 5.0.a (or 5.0.b-SNPASHOT). Is there any recommended and running setup for a Maven project (both repository and share project) regarding Alfresco version and Maven plugin (alfresco-sdk-parent) version.
Alfresco 5.0.a (and even 5.0.b-SNAPSHOT) are not working with alfresco-sdk-parent 1.1.1 (and even 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT) right now if you create fresh projects using the Maven alfresco-amp-archetype.

I tried to use the following pom.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
    <name>t50-share AMP project</name>
    <description>Manages the lifecycle of the t50-share AMP (Alfresco Module Package)</description>


       | SDK properties have sensible defaults in the SDK parent,
       | but you can override the properties below to use another version.
       | For more available properties see the alfresco-sdk-parent POM.
        <!– Defines the alfresco edition to compile against. Allowed values are [org.alfresco|org.alfresco.enterprise]–>
        <!– Defines the alfresco version to compile against –>
        <!– Defines the target WAR artifactId to run this amp, only used with the -Pamp-to-war switch
        .    | Allowed values: alfresco | share. Defaults to a repository AMP, but could point to your foundation WAR –>
        <!– Defines the target WAR groupId to run this amp, only used with the -Pamp-to-war switch
        .    | Could be org.alfresco | org.alfresco.enterprise or your corporate groupId –>
        <!– Defines the target WAR version to run this amp, only used with the -Pamp-to-war switch –>
        <!– This controls which properties will be picked in src/test/properties for embedded run –>

    <!– Here we realize the connection with the Alfresco selected platform
        (e.g.version and edition) –>
            <!– This will import the dependencyManagement for all artifacts in the selected Alfresco version/edition
                NOTE: You still need to define dependencies in your POM, but you can omit version as it's enforced by this dependencyManagement. NOTE: It defaults
                to the latest version this SDK pom has been tested with, but alfresco version can/should be overridden in your project's pom –>
    <!– Following dependencies are needed for compiling Java code in src/main/java;
         <scope>provided</scope> is inherited for each of the following;
         for more info, please refer to alfresco-platform-distribution POM –>
        <!– Test dependencies –>

    <!– This repository is only needed to retrieve Alfresco parent POM.
        NOTE: This can be removed when/if Alfresco will be on Maven Central
        NOTE: The repository to be used for Alfresco Enterprise artifacts is Please check
        with Alfresco Support to get credentials to add to your ~/.m2/settings.xml
        if you are a Enterprise customer or Partner