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'My Documents'-Dashlet not showing folders

Question asked by michaelp on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2014 by michaelp

On Alfresco 4.2.2 the "My Documents"-Dashlet is not showing any favorite folders.

Can someone give me clear instructions or code to "fix" this?

Please DO NOT refer to issue MNT-1972 or ALF-19451 because the bug is still not fixed (on 5 environments: 2 local, 1 dev, 1 test, 1 prod).

I have looked in every javascript file but I have not found where the filter "documents" is applied.

I found:

      "documents": '+(TYPE:"content" OR TYPE:"app:filelink" OR TYPE:"folder")', // changing this line has no effect
      "folders": '+(TYPE:"folder" OR TYPE:"app:folderlink")',
      "images": '+@cm\\:content.mimetype:image/*'

   if (parsedArgs.type === "documents") // from where in god's sake comes this arguement? where is the url specified to change the call?
                                       //I dont want to change the if statement maybe it is used by other calls as well
      nodes = documentNodes;
      totalRecords -= folderNodesCount;

In the doclist.lib.js I would add another else-if-statement to handle the arguement "documentsandfolders" but then WHERE can I change the call from the dashlet?

Every js imports many other js and so on … I lost the overview.