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Generate PDF from the node

Question asked by dreambitc on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by krutik.jayswal
Hey everyone!

I have the node with some metadata and i wonna add action 'Download as PDF' to the Document Actions menu, which will generate and return PDF file containing properties from the node.

I have no experience in this area and i need your advice.

I see the following solution:

1) Add action item 'Download as PDF' to the Document Actions menu (it's not a problem)
2) Add Web Script witch will accept a noderef and generate (using libraries which come with alfresco, like pdfbox and so on) and return PDF file (if it's possible to return file from a web script)

And how about Metadata Extractor, is it possible to solve this task using it, maybe there are some ways to generate user readable PDF not manually.

Repeating the above, i need the ability to download PDF file(containing metadata(not all) of a node) from the document details page. Generated PDF file should not be stored in the repository.

Thank you all for your help!