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Json Construct in Alfresco JavaScript

Question asked by pmrreddy on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by pmrreddy
Hi All,

I need help to find a way to write data in json format in Alfresco Javascript.

I know we have jsonUtils object in alfresco that can generate a json from Javascript Native object through jsonUtils.toJsonString() method, the object only available in Webscripts only.

I need to write a script in Alfresco the script will be in Data Dictionary / Scripts location, from there when the script executes that need to generate a output file in the same location that contain data in Json format, I have the data with me that need to generate in Json format, i cannot use that method jsonUtils.toJsonString() because its not a webscript.

please help to slove the issue.